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What is Gravity?




by K J Gordon

Regrav presents an interesting theory as to what gravity it. Yes it is science fiction but how much fact is there in these theories? Chapters in the this book actually describe a never before documented concept of gravity and how to produce it. Isn't that worth a read?

This concept is interwoven throughout the story so the reader needs to follow carefully not only the story but the almost hidden design concepts. Basically though there is no secret, the author is describing vortex energy applied to higher platforms as a downward form of lift. Which = Gravity

The book then describes how to manufacture Anti Gravity.

Regrav is styled with an Australian perspective of attitudes and slang. The story has legs and runs at a pace. It is science fiction space adventure combining surfing lifestyles and waterman spirit as a live and let live way to live one's life. And yes it has a very spiritual vine enveloping the tunk story line.

Regrav harnesses gravity to produce free energy and universal travel capabilities.

The book then sets about describing a world where free energy and antigravity travel ushers a new humanity. The adventure centers around unknown challenges in this dawn of repulsive anti gravity powered spaceships and personal travel. The world becomes one almost united race.


Planetary Energies: An Explanation of Anti Gravity
(Chapters taken from REGRAV by K J Gordon)


These natural energies, partly explain why true north and magnetic north are in different locations and occasionally flip-flop. They also indicate the health of the planet’s core.
True north is the Earth’s axis of rotation, whereas magnetic north defines the nature and direction of the mantles electrical activity relative to the plane of solar harmony.

You see students, the Earth’s axis and the solar plane are currently not the same, so the magnetic poles try to align with the solar plane. This puts the Earth’s poles into conflict and that creates magnetic wobble and occasionally causes the poles to flip-flop. Earths physical rotation verses harmonious magnetic alignment.
The magnetic field of any planet is inherently unstable but must try to locate in the solar plane of harmony within any solar system. That is why magnetic north is now in Canada and not tilted over and aligned with Earth’s axis of rotation.
It is the forces between the Earth’s axis of rotation and the solar plane of harmony that cause this constant magnetic wobble affect. Remember, the affect occurs within the Earth’s mantle, and not the core, as has long been considered science fact. It is another slight mistake.’



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What is Gravity?