Kel Gordon Songs


Requis Marinis

Finally starting to find a musical outlet slash sound for scifi. Requis Marinis is nine minutes long. It has become my bedtime story. My inspiration for completing a scifi work cluster of star and planet songs. Not too bad so check it out...



OK... I'm experimenting with anti gravity. Which I'm finding a little scary. The premis is a six dimensional monopole driven by induction to create a force in opposition... Cool hey. If this old dude can do it then such tech has been around for a long time... Moulder was indeed correct...

A great song for some herbal plant time..



It is funny and mystically amazing how songs materialise in a single thought. What a great experience. Running is the age old lovers problem. "Just let me see what I need to see." This is a demo song to check the feel. The proper song has a chorus and hopefully a punchier feel.. I added this demo as I like the song and attempt at vocals.... hahaha yeah right. Written in 5 minutes and recorded in about 10 minutes...


Space Junk

So I bought a Spark LE from the junk shop. Eventually I am working my way into some great sounds. Other companies are almost plain rip offs but yes the Spark LE has been hours of fun.



Yes... A great song played live back in the day but this version falls short. It is a band song. Working alone in a studio is hard to build feel especially when the song has to begin by writting the drums. Not a drummers kick foot... Live it is the opposite way round and my skill level is not up to the level required. I'm working on that... In a studio its me but on stage it was the evil other Mr Rock Gordon... Holder of the record for rooting the most (all in point of fact and one was a lesbian) Ambassador barmaids.



My Friend

Written as a youngster back in 1977. It is a song of great loss and telling futures. I'm not sure I wrote this, well I penned it with some help from God knows where.



If you find love then never let it slip away. Of course it has to be mutual and finding out love is a covert threesome triangle is painful. Has been the story of my entire fucking life really.... Sometimes I wish I was gay... But then my gay friends dont seem all that happy in relationships...


White Space

I love this song. Ten minutes to write, two hours to record and the vid took about an hour. Its my favourite subject matter dressed up as an alien race that fucks society. "The Greed came from time and stars." The greed really came from the failure of capitalism and the evil witch of marketing.


War Is Art

War is the only true art of man. Not happy with the demo but maybe one day it will come to me. The beauty of demo writing and publishing on youtube is I really don't give a fuck. I do it cause I enjoy it. And its all about me.... War is just such and ego driven pursuit by those with wealth deploying and abusing those without wealth. I guess that makes me a porn star?



My x was an habitual liar. Love went one way and way too blind to see to see the truth. In the end most men get shafted by women with false faces and directions. Men are doomed in the new world as women are right either way. Best to be gay but then, as mentioned, that has its own misery.


Living on the Outside

I am a dinosaur. My grandfather survived the entire Gallipoli disaster and went on to fight in France and Belgium. There were attitudes of empathy and moral equity that have passed into litigation and mindless middle man control. The bureaucratic system will destroy Australia. Actually it is almost complete. So old farts just duck and weave trying to stay alive in an increasingly cruel and bitter social system. So duck and weive and just go surfing.


Plastic People

Written by D Hills with some assistance back in 1980. I did a shit job on something so poignant in current mentalisms and witch hunts. Maybe a song called witch hunts is on the cards? Basically the environment is becoming a metaphor for the human psychotic condition. They are both waste products. Need to re-do this song. Also it has been classed as porn... Please, really, in this toilet of a world..... Might leave it for Mr Rock Gordon in a live band situation. The prick wants a gig... and a root.



DNA is a finite transition of life itself... Sorry Mr Darwin you were wrong. There is no natural selection....

Life is an orchestrated and directional event that knows no time. Therefore DNA is an intelligence of far superior mechanics than stupid humans could understand. If you were looking for a divine definition, one that was indeed part of every living thing then it is time to meditate. lose yourself into yourself and communicate with the one. Try it. Communicate with the self and ask for whatever you need.

Oh, the point,,, radiation is now endemic and shortly the oceans will be in dire straights. Climate disruption and food chain destruction must follow. DNA mutation will directly affect all life. We are killing our soul...


Regrav Space

Regrav Space is where I'm heading music wise. Or so I like to think. This song is a drum mix with the actual sounds emitted by Saturn and Jupiter. Cool hey. Same sounds as on Forbidden Planet... This sci fi classic 'Forbidden Planet' used these sounds to create mastery sci fi. My attempt falls short. But still I enjoy it and that is all that matters. I'm getting there... Oh and Regrav is a novel by myself and also the name of an anti gravity machine. I like to think of it as an "actual mass reduction" device.


Space Traveller 2077

Written in 1979 it is the story I wish was my life. The Earth is rooted and if humans do not develop real,,, REAL,,, methods of leaving this planet, well we are fucked.. Rockets are childrens toys. The sound of high rev capacitive turbines developing mega voltage monopole displacement. Yes there is a future in space. Just have to get rid of NASA. Bureaucracy fails at everything. Did I just tell you what gravity really is? Not too bad for 1979...


One Small Step of Protest

First written in 1978 it was the simple riff that worked. I think as a live song it fires heart and soul but I have missed the essence of its fire.

What can one old fart do but have a crack? He sees the world for what it is. "An accelerating ball. A sewage sphere." It wont end well. Maybe that is a more apt natural selection theory of evolution Mr Darwin? DNA discovers its mistake in the faith of humans and fate takes over. There will be famine. There will be global disease. Life cannot exist out of balance and natural order will correct the problem. Happens every time in a petri dish. The world is now grossly unsustainable and the one absolute solution is a dramatic reduction in the human population.


Clorissia Louise

I just like the song. I done good. The spoken ending says it all. Love, real love of a woman, is a disease well worth the infection. You will recover, but remain scared, remembering the goodness and the utter moments of life.


Flight from Maryville

Flight won a song competition in Newcastle. Go figure...This version actually. It is my horrible childhood. Living under bridges way too scared to go home to a drunken father. Beatings, yelling abuse, never a kind word and always the put downs." You take your mouth you take your gun and you shoot some more." He was a cunt. He defines the word.... My childhood was 24/7 fear. And I'm lucky to have survived. I am glad to have written this and strangely never really understood that I was writing about myself. The word fucked up comes to mind a little bit these days.


Never Get Hurt

I was best man at a wedding and I lost the wedding rings. The marriage did not last and I got the blame over a drunken rant by someone who had thrown their life down the shitter. I was not the cause but it did hurt to have full voice accusations hurtled by a drunken man not worthy of a broken nose. Denial is very unkind to relationships of trust and one that never gets hurt is bound to not get the point. This was a 5 minute song to write. It flowed with both lyrics and structure and remained a favourite at gigs. Some good must come of everything.



So the love of my life gave into demands. I was not good enough, Came from Maryville, ironically on the wrong side of the railway tracks. I was never gonna amount to anything as I was a dreamer. Albeit a very intelligent dreamer. I just came from a poor family. Her mother actually punched my mother and knocked her down in the Store in Newcastle... My mum got sick and died not long after... I hated that bitter woman.

Anyway she, my life love, told me not to worry and that she would return to me later in life to live out our intense love for each other. This had been foretold in her dreams. She never came back. The song was easy to write and worked well live. In the vid, I like the way the use of three cameras has revealed my disfunctional head space. Yes love is a disease well worth the infection.



I love this song. You will too... It is a cry for balance in life.

OK it's a demo. The mix could be better. As an apprentice my days were little better than a slave. Shit repetitive work that fucked with my head.... Robot was born...


The Slave

The Slave: So much change and yet where are we? Nothing has changed for the better. My ex thought this song was about her. Guilt I suspect for a self focused princess of the Bitch Order. It's about government mismanagement. Ironically I am related to good old Ned Kelly. I found this out at my uncles funeral. I also found out that I'm 1/8th Spear Chucker. 1/8th Chinese. And a goodly mix of Irish and Scottish. Cool hey... Nothing is as it seems...



Irene represents the fate of society. She stood as a monument to the failure of those educated and yet so blind to humanity. Society is a self serving machine crushing those of little mechanical worth. Irene was a victim. Greed has replaced moral empathy in government and public servants serve themselves.

D Hills wrote Irene in about 1980. I meet her not long before the needle had its eternal way. I watched as a beautiful young woman transformed into a incoherent mess that apparently was much better than anything close to the reality she had known. It was like meeting God, she said.

My anger will never subside at the cruelty shown by those who make their living from misery and despair.