Regrav Review

by Et Al

Wow. Regrav is deep in a sort of back-handed way. The book defines gravity in one of its many sub-plots. It proposes science fiction in a way not far short of science fact. Indeed much of science fact can only be discussed as science fiction.

An unusual and compelling read after the first one hundred pages of introduction. After all, most good books are a little slow at the start. And Regrav is a great sci fi book. It's humanitarian, it has the spirit of a surfing lifestyle, family values, and energy devices new to the avid sci fi exponent. The explanations associated with the Great Pyramid border on brilliant.


Regrav could easily be subtitled 'The DNA Way' as it explores the creation of all life and the possibilities of other life forms.

Regrav is a first time sci fi novel from K J Gordon. Buy an excellent read today.

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