What Is Gravity?

Unlike all other publications, where gravity pulls everything in the universe together, Gravity actually has the opposite effect.

One simple example of gravitational repulsion is tides. In line of sight between Earth and the Moon the net gravitational effect is slightly less and therefore the oceans swell slightly.

Under the current concept/theory, the Moon's gravity is capable of pulling on the Earth's oceans and yet, cannot sustain even a microscopic atmosphere of its own. Plausible or not?

Yes, Gravity is a force of attraction however two gravity fields create a force of repulsion. This repulsive force is the force that stops planets from colliding. Magnetic forces attract where as gravitational forces repel. This is the force of REGRAV.

Magnetism is the universal force of attraction. Gravity is the universal force of repulsion. The two forces work together and make planetary systems possible. The two forces create the Planes of Solar and Galactic Harmony you see below.

Plane of Harmony

In the science fiction book, Regrav, a highly plausible explanation is interwoven throughout the book. An explanation as to what planetary gravity is, and much more importantly, how it is made and how that force can be used to make free energy. This information takes the form of lectures. Lecture A starts below.


Lecture A


Lecture A

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What is Gravity?



by K J Gordon


Dr Dave Simons: Regrav 101

Sydney University of Technology

As part of his position within the Australian Strategic Space Initiative Dr David Simons lectured students in Space Science, V Field Science (Gravity) and Regrav Technology at Sydney University.
At the end of four years intense study, students would graduate as Space Flight Astroneers with a pilot’s accreditation and a major in one aspect of off-world work. That focus to date, had been on mineral exploration and experimental attempts to provide an atmosphere under the existing regrav energy field domes on the Moon and Mars. However, that was all about to change.
‘Good morning to all two hundred and seven of you and welcome to the start of something special,’ he said as he entered the grand old lecture theatre.
‘Let’s get straight to it shall we? This course is the essence for all that follows in regrav technology. A failure will be recorded if you achieve less than seventy five per cent. So, I expect you all to attend every lecture and hand in every assignment or you will fail. For every hour of face-to-face time you will require three hours of research. So stay focused, or you will fail.
As future off-worlders you will face a vast variation of tasks in your working future. You need to know every aspect of regrav to become confident participants, managers and leaders in that future. So please apply yourself; no immerse yourself in the science that will take you to the stars.
Learn and study every aspect of the course outline. Ladies and gentlemen, you need to know these aspects because they may be what you need to survive. Study and apply yourself to all aspects of both your chosen degrees. Then and only then can you attempt to pass the practical year. You need one year in the field to be fully accredited and to get that one year you will need to know what you are doing.
Now, to start let us examine basic flight in the atmosphere up until the discovery of regrav.
What is flight? Anybody got an answer. Ah, Mr Wood, yes our Mr Wood from Muswellbrook, New South Wales,’ he said looking at his class map and student ID.

‘Conventional flight is turbulence simulating a pair of horizontal pressure vortices along the surfaces of a wing Dr Simons.’
‘Very good answer, young Mr Wood. An interesting definition of lift but have you answered the question. Is conventional flight simply lift? I say not. I would like you to consider flight more as any reduction in gravitational forces and go beyond turbulence and low pressure, as they are only the means to create the vortex.
Lift is created when a vortex is created and you will soon realise we can now use higher energies to create a vortex.
So, lift could be more accurately defined as a directional force of motion created by the rotational forces within a vortex? Or how about, lift is the perceived reduction or increase in the weight of any object having mass. Please think about that point and we will come back to it shortly.
In conventional atmospheric flight we apply thrust, which is a force of motion, to overcome the restricting forces of resistance. These are air molecules and the drag of gravity pulling everything down. S our thrust generates an air pressure vortex along a winged surface which creates a force of motion we call lift. Whew, I hate those long sentences,’ he said and then repeated the same sentence before continuing. He walked purposefully across the stage gathering up some paperwork, deliberately focusing young curiosity and began in almost a whisper.
‘Regrav is almost identical. Regrav Science is the study of all vortex energies. We can now take vortex energy and manipulate it to provide electrical energy and extreme acceleration and propulsion simply by manipulating vortex energy.
In conventional winged flight, the four applied forces are inseparable and you should consider that fact carefully. The first two, thrust and lift, we have mentioned.
Now, there are the other two dynamics to be considered in conventional flight. And these are? Yes, Miss Tate.’
‘Resistance and drag Dr Simons.’
‘Very good Miss Tate, thank you,’ said Dr Simons as Miss Tate crossed her legs and felt quite chuffed. ‘The resistance of air pressure and the downward drag force of gravity.’
Thrust must be sufficient to overcome the forces of resistance and drag to create lift. In a regrav drive system, it is even simpler, the vortex energy must be sufficient to overcome the forces of drag. Thrust and resistance no longer have any roll.
Do you find that challenging Mr Hills?’ queried Simons.
‘Arrrh yes sir I do a bit,’ Hills replied.
‘Well that’s good because so do I young Hills,’ said Simons breaking the ice.
‘And lastly let’s briefly consider drag. Drag is simply the effects of gravity as Sir Isaac Newton would have understood it. However, with regrav flight there is no equal and opposite force. The more lift energy one applies the less drag, plays a roll. Essentially, there is only lift as regrav lift is infinitely directional. The normal resistance of air molecules becomes redundant as the external field of a regrav drive units creates a slipstream of zero resistance. Now we can fly around the planet in about six minutes legally, at two thousand meters with absolutely no air friction. Sorry Isaac, times have indeed changed.
In Sir Isaac Newton’s world the example of old missile technology applies as we simply had massive thrust and very high uni-directional acceleration. If you take away thrust the thing falls to the ground usually killing innocent bystanders. Newton’s Law applies in this case but I would much prefer the apple. With regrav, take away the trust and the craft can remain stationary and not influenced by gravity.
A Regrav II drive creates a gravitational negative and or positive capable of being a three-dimensional force of repulsion or attraction. ‘Anti-Gravity’ if you prefer the science fiction mystique, my young minds?
Here on Earth we are influenced by four major gravity fields. The Milky Way Galaxy field, the Sun’s Gravity field, The Moons Gravity and Earth’s Gravity.’
Simons turned to his beloved whiteboard and scribbled a diagram as he spoke, sketching out the various planetary forces.
‘All the natural gravitational forces in our galaxy are in tolerant harmony as no two gravitational forces can occupy the same location.
Therefore, when we focus a regrav gravity field at the planet surface we get repulsion. The same applies to the Sun and the Galaxy and all the other systems and planets. A good example of this repulsive force is the reduction in gravitational strength between the Earth and the Moon in direct line of sight. The repulsion of the two forces slightly reduces the overall strength of gravity. And this causes the oceans to swell slightly giving us tides. It is not the pull of the Moon that causes tides it is its repulsion.
So regrav allows us to ‘repulse’ our way across the street or across the universe. And finally, as regrav eliminates inertia, we can now travel any distance at speeds far in excess of light. The future ladies and gentlemen is definitely, out there.
Dave Simons pondered the point and slowly walked to the front of the lecture stage and said in a fast and passionate tone, ‘So, if I apply five hundred G forces of regrav lift, instantly how fast am I going? More to the point how much do I weigh? That is you assignment for tonight. Please think about your answer as it is not acceleration, or is it? And your answer must be correct for one second of time.
Now, if we step back to the old aeroplane wing its shape is important as it generates many vortices along the wing surfaces. The vortices create zones of low pressure both on the top and bottom of a high performance wing surface. Let’s say, the wing of a seagull which is a perfect genetic modification to enhance environmental exploitation. Would you all agree that?’ he said, still in his raised tone.
Quickly changing to a soft considerate tone he continued. ‘You know, the thought simply amazes me as to how a simple chemical code can combine in such complexity as to exploit cellular and species modifications to better take advantage of environmental situations. How does DNA know about gravity and how to devise methods to overcome gravities eternal hold? How does it communicate with the natural world and evolve change to suit change? Whatever could be the trigger, young off-worlders? Is that not intelligence of a superior nature?
I’m running off the track,’ said Simons. ‘But seriously, have you every pondered how a bio-chemical sequence could possibly understand aeronautics to the betterment of life designs? And then, offer variations on replication, for its exploitation. How does it know? Fascinating.
Now where were we? The standard theory has been that the higher air pressure surrounding the seagull wing forces the wing upward as the wing generates low pressure zones. However, we now know that two opposing vortices, generated along both wings, supply lift energy at ninety degrees to the wings surface. That is, one on each wing and both wings focus toward the centre, which we call the objective. The flapping motion provides thrust while the two wing shapes provide positive lift.
Ladies and gentlemen I would give you nature’s own very first regrav unit, the humble bird wing.
Therefore, lift energy is what? Mr Hills … Mr Wood …yes, Miss Tate.’
‘Lift is … Ahhh … The … a reduction in gravitation effects?’
‘Very good I’ll pay that Miss Tate,’ said Simons as Belinda Tate smiled well gratified at venturing further than her insecurities would normally allow.
‘Lift can also be considered as the apparent and obvious increase or loss in weight of any object having mass. If I have a kilogram of butter and its weight suddenly drops to five hundred grams, what has occurred?
Yes Mr Hills’
‘Ah you have eaten half a kilo of butter sir,’ said Danny Hills rather smartly which raised camouflaged chuckles and smirks.
‘That is very funny Mr Hills. I like it. And you can remind me not to use that example again. Shall we say, in my office at noon today while we discuss why it’s not a good thing to poke sticks at the lecturer,’ said Simons more intrigued by this young chap than offended.
Dr Simons hesitated, waiting for the catch up and went on. ‘Consider an outback willie-willie. A willie-willie is a vortex but it is very hard to see unless it forms over a freshly burnt paddock.’


Instantly 3D imaging footage of a blackish looking funnel shape appeared rotating and swirling across semi-desert country. And, it was quite the sight with a dusty dirty blackish tinge made by black soot being sucked into its gullet from the freshly burnt earth.
The soot and ash from the parched paddock made it possible to see the outline of the slowly swirling monster-like mass. Easily visible were all the swirling curves and bumps continually moving like the muscling ripples of some massive living thing picking up roadside rubbish, toying with it, examining it and throwing it away. His students looked on perplexed. The sight of a visually discernable vortex one-hundred metres tall and about forty metres wide at the top, playing, child-like, made some students laugh in amazement.
On the accompanying sound track could be heard two men talking and also laughing at the sight when suddenly the swirling V shaped mass turned and came back toward the camera position.
‘It’s coming straight at us … quick get in the car, grab the camera, here it shiiiit, get the windows up. Arrrrrhhh faaarrrk.’
On the display the students looked on in amazement. They watched on from inside the car as it shook from side to side and two young men were ping ponged about screaming shouts of panic, comprised prominently by expletives and loud thumping noises. And then it was all still. The willie-willie had moved on.
‘Wow. That was intense,’ said Nathan Wood. ‘But it was great Dr Simons. Was that you?’
‘Yes it was. My friend there was a hitchhiker from Denmark and we were on our way to Broome. We were near the Big T Roadhouse in, what was then, the Northern Territory when we came across this monster of a thing playing in the roadside paddock.’
Dr Simons had their full attention with their heart rates high. He knew they would never forget their first lecture. ‘To inspire is to succeed’, he smiled contentedly.
He replayed the 3D footage and this time did the commentary. As you can see the willie-willie is a mass of turbulence swirling around an air pressure vortex. You can see each individual turbulence vortex winding and watch its outer turbulence in utter chaos, just like it would be along the wing of an aeroplane, but here it swirls around its own semi stable vortex form. It is quite the sight.’
So now, let us think of regrav energy in its proper light. A regrav drive creates this same wild universal vortex energy using extreme voltages and oscillating magnetic fields, but tames it to run in perpetual harmony. We can synchronise the pulses to induce useable electrical current, at Sixty Hertz, or we can create sophisticated repulsion drives by causing one field to operate within another. As he spoke interactive 3D imagery flashed across the lecture stage showing drives pulsing with white light and surrounded by hundreds of fire-fly looking lights all dancing in sequence.
‘Now, my good students of Regrav, let’s go deeper and examine vortex lift applied to these higher energies.
You all know of the magnetic anomaly in the sacred valley of Della Marca, South America? You are all aware of this famous tourist area? It is where a compass just spins wildly indicating it is inside a vortex as there is no stationary north or south inside an energy vortex. And no birds will venture into the canyon for that reason as they use polar magnetism to navigate.
The sacred valley of Della Marca is an upward spiralling gravitational vortex resulting from an electrically conductive blue diamond meteorite core buried several kilometres under the surface. The diamond is only about three cubic metres in size but conducts mantle heat and electrical energy so well it is more efficient than the Earth’s core. The resultant vortex is creating a single repulsive field similar to the willie-willie and therefore a perceived reduction in weight is apparent within the anomaly. The big difference between the two, is the willie-willie is a vortex anomaly generated in air molecules while the Della Marca Valley is a vortex born of extreme electrical discharge energies running through molten metals. Both types of vortex create a reduction in perceived mass but the higher the energy the more extreme or energetic that reduction becomes.
Can you now begin to imagine what is at the heart of all regrav drives?
The molten material under the surface at Della Marca is high in metals and these molten metals are releasing Tera Volts of potential field induction into the magma plasma below the diamond. The blue diamond becomes a very efficient core objective and the rest is all a wonderful tourist attraction.
Historically, it is well known that the great whirlpools sucked ships in and water spouts sucked fish into the high atmosphere, and it is by those ancient definitions we have always known what created lift. Indeed the entire universe is based on vortex energy. Simply look out at any galaxy, and you are looking at a vortex. Vortex energy binds all mater, from the smallest particles to the larges galaxies.
It is truly a sad point that we have never really understood lift much past a simple acceptance of variable air pressures over a winged surface. Too many scientists have banged away on thrust propulsion and missed the entire point of Della Marca.’
‘So you’re saying scientists should think more with their mind and not their rockets, Dr Simons?’
‘Quite so Mr Wood, quite so,’ said Dr Simons as the class clapped and cheered at the humorous poke and innuendo.
‘Now … as I mentioned earlier, genetic DNA coding knew of regrav energies from the beginning of time and exploited the answer long ago with vast applications. How, I do not know! But, DNA code knew of light and gave us eyes. It knew of air and gave us ears and lungs and a sense of smell and taste. Why should it not be capable of understanding gravity and exploiting it as well?
Now my young astroneers think of the bumblebee. The aeronautical sciences state categorically that a bumble bee should not be able to fly and yet it is not only capable of flight but highly capable of intricate flight and hover manoeuvres.
The bumblebee question remains an enigma. So let’s simply answer the question? Anybody up for the challenge?’ asked Simons inquisitively.
Nathan Wood raised a hand slowly while he wrestled with the right words and said. ‘The bumblebee’s wings do not create vortices across a surface like the seagull wing. The wings are shaped and rotate in such a manner as to create two vortices in the middle of the rotating wings. The bumblebee can fly, and fly very efficiently because it generates and controls two opposing vortices directly and does not need thrust as the creator of wing compression. And … ah ... therefore its lift is variable around the three sixty degree plane of rotation. And … ah, because it no longer requires thrust its flight capabilities are much more efficient.’
‘Do you agree with Mr Wood’s interpretation class?’ Dr Simons said half shouting out in his passionate excitement.
‘Mr Smith, Miss Tate, Mr Rasnaverish, young Samuel Namatjira … and you there Mr Daniel Hills?’ There was an instant and rowdy support for Nathan Wood’s explanation as clapping confirmed his explanation.
‘Outstanding, class,’ said Dr Simons. ‘Thank you Mr Wood, and very well done indeed son. Is not the bumblebee a regrav energy device? You see, the DNA code, it knows,’ he whispered with a humorous spooky voice.
He was right. The whole class was stunned, startled and mentally glued to this new concept of bumblebee flight. They remained fixated by the imagery, intensity and implication of Dr Simon’s comparisons of flight, energies and genetic connections.
This was indeed a lecture they would remember, he thought proudly.
Dr Simons opened his case and pulled out the famous model regrav to the astonished mutterings of his students. ‘This is the reason we are all here,’ he said quietly. The unit sat in his hand softly humming as he went on.
‘This little unit generates enough propulsive power to accommodate a small two seater Toyota Camry Flyer for two years without servicing. It also generates enough AC power to run an average home indefinitely, should it be provided with a suitable harmonic induction coil.’
He took away his hand and the unit sat floating and humming quietly.
‘Please can you do the light speed demonstration Dr Simons, will you?’ came an excited request from Miss Tate followed by loud clapping and howls of, ‘Ye- harrh, and all-right!’
‘Awe … OK then,’ he joked. ‘The point of all this demonstration on your first day in Regrav Technologies is to provide insight as to where these studies are taking you. This is the reason why you will be spending long lonely hours studying and researching when your friends are out partying. Just try to stay focused on the grander picture. There will be plenty of time for time, life and parties.’
And with that remark the little sphere glided away from his hand and floated slowly out across the room. With a little humming noise, it began accelerating around the room. Humming and glowing in an intoxicating rhythm.
‘It is now at the speed of light and … now approaching seven times the speed of light,’ said Dr Simons to a completely hushed room. ‘
Let’s just hope the point has been made, he thought to himself just as the old-fashioned buzzer sounded to end the lecture session.
‘Class starts at nine am. Bring coffee if you must,’ he said as the little regrav unit vanished. Dr Simons closed his case and walked out.

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