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By K J Gordon

The second and final part of the sci-fi adventure is out soon.

Since the moment man consciously looked at himself and answered, therefore I am, he has looked to the stars with a sense of longing, still asking a very similar question.
Why am I here?
Nevertheless, there has been no answer from above.
And you, I and all manner of folk have felt that longing just as every other person on the planet has felt that quiet longing, that ephemeral need to know. Why, does every soul need to know? Why is that?

Nowadays we look with exceptional artificial eyes and peer backwards in time to wonder at the unfathomable beauty and unfathomable numbers that space beauty represents.

And, we try to comprehend the incomprehensible just to answer that same timeless question. Why am I here?

We make the sky a science and postulate as to who we really are while we marvel at all creation, being simply no more than left over star dust. And yet that one longing remains. That one, dammed, unanswered question: Why am I here?

To answer that question, one needs look no further than to examine the water splatted surface of the Moon. Yes those craters are frozen water impact craters

Or, for further evidence, examine the now dead surface of Mars, hit hard in a glancing impact by a very dense object. This casual celestial violence created the largest canyon in the Solar System. The Valles Marineris.

Or indeed, the stark remains of a direct hit, planetary collision, now referred to as the Asteroid Belt.

These ‘small’ and yet epic cosmic events speak to us in huge volumes as to just how absolutely insensitive planetary energies are to the machinations of all biological life.

We pray to the stars with the promise of spiritual knowing, but the answer already lies within. Replicated and broadcast thousands of times, every single day in every single birth. The answer, is in our DNA and it screams out desperately altering its own inbuilt programmed sequence in absolute need.

Defined in every code and wrapped tightly into every strand of DNA on the planet, it echoes from life’s deepest memories.

To survive you must leave this planet.





K J Gordon

Author of REGRAV

K J Gordon lives in Queensland coastal hinterland near the Town of 1770. K J Gordon is a keen surfer, musician and commercial marine biologist.

He has published several papers on aquaculture and two fish farming manuals. He consults from his website


K J Gordon


Regrav is reverse gravity. A term first used by Nicola Tesla in 1907.

Regrav is an Surfing/Aquafarming, Swashbuckling Adventure

Regrav is the Free Energy Revolution

Sci Fi Thriller by K J Gordon



Nicola Tesla Space Ship Design

Nicola Tesla's space ship design, above, was supposedly powered by REGRAV TECHNOLOGY



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